Speaks With Silence 1


Speaks With Silence
Gatherings and events program
focusing on female, gender non-binary, feminist and emancipatory sound and listening
With Amal Alhaag, Barby Asante, Mirjam Bürgin, Anna Frei, Maria Guggenbichler, DJ Haram, Samia Henni, Fred Hystère, Katherine McBride, Olive Michel, Romy Rüegger, DJ Scarlett, Felicia von Zweigbergk
Hosted by Amal Alhaag, Anna Frei, Maria Guggenbichler and Romy Rüegger
OOR Saloon and other places across Zurich

Photo: Sleep over at OOR Saloon with “psalms selected by an insomniac” with Felicia von Zweigbergk

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