Lustige Frauen Kunst


Lustige Frauen Kunst / Funny Women Art
Holidays for female artists
With Mirjam Bayerdörfer, Kathrin Böhm, Anna McCarthy, Manuela Gernedel, Babsi Guggenbichler, Thomas Hartl, Florence Jung, Marina Kampka, Simone Koller, Anja Lückenkemper, Michaela Melián, Juliane Netzer, Gabriele Netzer-Guggenbichler, Laure Prouvost, Katharina Ritter, Romy Rüegger, Deborah Schamoni, Rebecca Stephany, Triin Tamm, Deniz Unal, Eva Weinmayr, and Felicia von Zweigbergk.
Organized together with Rosalie Schweiker
Lothringer 13_laden, Munich


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