DJ Workshops for Women


DJ Workshops for Women
Hosted once every month, with Amal Alhaag.
With: DJ Fair Trade, Strange Boutique, Kristy Fenton (Modern Witch), Radna Rumping (Future Vintage), DJ Lynnée Denise, DJ Jenny Woolworth, STRAY, No Good/Super, DJ Zunami, DJ Carista, DJ Troya Modet, DJ Miss Samidi, and Mamiko Motto.
Regularly at the Side Room, and traveling at: Dis As Sem Blies (Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht); One’s Own Records (OOR), Zürich; Bar Project / La Selva, Barcelona; Framer Framed, Amsterdam; X Marks The Bökship, London; On invitation of Hana Miletic: RIOT gallery, Ghent.
DJ Workshop for Women posters: Felicia von Zweigbergk


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