Sister from Another Mister


Sister from Another Mister
Month long communal research program with Anna McCarthy, Kapwani Kiwanga, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Maria Boletsi, Jerry Kno’Ledge Afriyie, Maria Trenkel, Niklaus Mettler, Missy Elliot, DJ Døg, DJ Fair Trade, DJ Miss Samidi, DJ Boris Becker, Ivana Hilj, Rachel Somers Miles, ehCaetano, Luc van Weelden, David Morris, Ti Grace Atkinson, Chris Kraus, DJ Nate, Deniz Unal, Libidiunga Cardoso, Lina Bo Bardi, Alencastro, Stefan Wharton, Alexander Krone, Expodium (Nikos Doulos, Bart Witte), Nadia Tsulukidze, Stalin, Lieke Wouters, Thomas Hirschhorn, Innercity, Fyoelk, The-High-Exalted-Never-Out-Dated-Grand Wizard Crem Fresh, Moemlien, Sapi & Cheworee Safari, Looi van Kessel, Gerlov van Engelenhoven, Jamila Drott, BST Crew, Kristy Fenton, Rammellzee, Anne Dersen, Margarita Osipian, Failed Architecture (Tim Verlaan, Mark Minkjan), Katharina Rohde, Roel Griffioen, and many others
BijlmAIR Artist Residency, Amsterdam De Bijlmer


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Together with my friend Amal Alhaag, I ran the Side Room in Amsterdam (2013-16). Amal and I continue to collaborate on events, programs, pranks, and dance moves. If you would like to receive our newsletter, then please subscribe to it here.

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